The Ronceverte Christian Church was organized in 1885 by Dr. John N. Brandt with the assistance of a number of dedicated Christians, most of them coming from Lock Haven, Pennsylvania.  The founders of the Church were men with a vision.  They would build a Church where people would be “Christians Only”.  They had a clear grasp of the ideas of Alexander Campbell and they were committed to those principles.

Most of the early history of the Church is shrouded in mystery as few records were kept in those days and those that were kept were either lost or destroyed when the Church suffered a fire in the early 1930’s.  We do know that RCC is the first and only Christian Church in Greenbrier County.

The Church on Greenbrier Avenue stood as a landmark and a symbol of faith in Ronceverte for over one hundred years.  After a century of continuous worship the difficult decision was made to relocate the Church to a new site on Gypsy Heights Road.  The new building was begun in the Spring of 2003 and saw its first official worship service on November 20, 2005.